Best-selling twins Princess V39 MY arrive to Thailand

Princess V39 Motor Yacht is a fast, agile and very powerful sports cruiser that already became the best-seller! Around 100 boats were ordered from Princess factory in Plymouth over the last year. It’s a perfect combination of style, performance and price. This is the reason why Princess dealer in Pattaya ordered two boats at a time. They were meant to perfectly meet expectations of Bangkok sports car fans dreaming to race on the water.

The delivery of the two stunning boats to Pattaya was professionally done by Robert Hawkins, PMYA Asia’s Managing Director. The trick was that the boats were to be transported from Bangkok, to where they were shipped from the British Southampton, to Pattaya by road. Special low lorries were used for the boat transportation as there was a serious restriction in the height of the cargo in order to get safely under the bridges. Delivery by road was done slowly but carefully and took 1 day, as they had to travel late at night when there would be less traffic. Later on one of the boats was launched in Ocean Marina, Pattaya, and another one was then prepared and displayed at Bangkok International Motor Show.