Princess 52 delivery in Malaysia

Another delivery of another beautiful Princess yacht! This time it was Princess 52 delivery between two ports in Malaysia. The boat was offloaded from the ship in Port Klang, checked, fuelled and taken to Straight Quay Marina in Penang. Yes, not too far to go,a few hundred nautical miles, but still a serious job to do. PMYA Asia treats every job professionally and with great care. Having had your brand new luxury Motor Yacht delivered many thousands of miles, you would not like anything to go wrong. PMYA Asia offers you that comfort, knowing your new boat is in safe hands.

Princess 52 Motor Yacht is definitely enjoying the limelight of South East Asia market. Smart space planning is a key feature of all Princess models, and Princess 52 is not an exception. For a yacht of her size, her interior volume is expansive, but the price is not that high. Large windows fill the main deck with natural light and provide wonderful views and excellent visibility. And three spacious, well-appointed cabins can accommodate up to 6 guests for an over-night cruising. All these strong points make Princess 52 one of the best-sellers in South East Asia.